HyLife Expands Investment

HyLife Expands Investment in Manitoba’s Value-Added Pork Processing

(Neepawa) October 15,2016 – HyLife is pleased to announce that the steady growth in demand for its superior, high quality pork product has resulted in the need for an investment up to $125 million to modernize and expand to its Integrated Pork Production and Processing System, starting as early as 2017. This will include another expansion of Hylife’s flagship pork processing facility in Neepawa, Manitoba.

“HyLife’s investment into growing our Japanese and Chinese markets has been very rewarding and is sending the signal that we can do more,” said Hylife President, Claude Vielfaure. “This new investment in Manitoba will mean not only more jobs across the province but a greater demand for value-added pork thanks to our integrated system and our great primary producer partners.”

HyLife has become Canada’s number one fresh chilled pork exporter to Japan, returning $200 million worth of sales from the Japanese market annually. HyLife recently opened a restaurant in the trendy Daikanyama district of Tokyo to further highlight the quality and taste profile that HyLife pork delivers.

“HyLife has taken that unique Japanese consumer demand for its domestic pork and worked tirelessly to recreate this taste profile at home in our integrated production and processing system,” continued Vielfaure. “The result has been a solid and growing base of Japanese consumers seeking to buy HyLife’s premium fresh chilled pork products, which we grow and process right here in Manitoba.”

HyLife has also had a steady presence in the Chinese market, grossing $80 million in sales since breaking into the market in 2008. While in China with Prime Minister Trudeau in early September, HyLife announced a contract with the Chinese e-commerce platform, JD.com.
In order to meet growing demand and address international competitive pressure, the time has come to reinvest back into Hylife’s integrated system. HyLife envisions expanding the Neepawa plant by moving to a full double shift and adopting innovative technologies to improve yields and processes and increase shelf life. Hylife also plans to construct new finishing barns and a feed mill. This will bring up to 165 new jobs to the communities HyLife operates in and will increase its total employee base to approximately 2,000.

Sexing Technologies Acquires Fast Genetics






Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (July 8, 2015) – SEXING TECHNOLOGIES, the global livestock reproductive services innovator, will acquire swine genetics leader FAST GENETICS from HYLIFE™ with an anticipated closing date of July 21, 2015. The deal will allow the introduction of sex sorted sperm to the swine industry.

The acquisition will bring accelerated genetic improvement at Fast Genetics by skewing gender ratio in its nucleus farms and through leveraging high-index males to service more females via deep uterine and low-dose semen technology. The sex sorted sperm technology will also allow for significant output advantages throughout Fast Genetics’ multiplication. In the future, Fast Genetics’ customers will be able to purchase semen selected for male or female offspring, thereby having the ability to predetermine gender and tailor their product based on individual production economics and packer relationships. The acquisition of Fast Genetics diversifies Sexing Technologies’ business and expands the scope of its operations into the pig genetics business.

Fast Genetics will continue its dynamic and strategic partnership with Hylife™, Canada’s leading pork producer, supplying maternal and terminal genetics for HyLife’s™ sow herds. HyLife™ will continue its multiplication commitment by providing Fast Genetics’ high-health gilts to the United States and Canada.

Customers will notice little change in Fast Genetics’ commitment and service. Shannon Meyers will continue his executive leadership as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Throughout the last decade, Meyers lead Fast Genetics through its largest and most successful growth era, expanding its operations throughout Canada, the United States, and into Asia. “These are extremely exciting times for Fast Genetics customers and employees. Our world class genetics program will see accelerated improvements with the implementation of the most innovative technology in the industry” says Meyers.

Gregg BeVier, first hired by Sexing Technologies to introduce its sex sorted sperm technology to the swine industry, will become Fast Genetics’ Chief Executive Officer based in the United States. BeVier brings over 30 years of senior management experience, adding significant scientific and managerial knowledge to Fast Genetics’ business. “Fast Genetics offers excellent health and genetics and we are excited about integrating sexed sperm combined with advanced genomic testing to further improve our products at a more rapid rate” said BeVier. “The best genetics and health combined with the best reproductive and genomic technologies available will better position Fast Genetics’ customers for the globally competitive environment.”

“The sale of Fast Genetics will allow HyLife™ and Sexing Technologies to continue offering world class products to the global marketplace,” explains Grant Lazaruk, HyLife’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are looking forward to continuing our efforts in providing the best pork food products in an environmentally sustainable manner, with access to even stronger genetic products.”

Fast Genetics is committed to maintaining its integrated business model approach to genetic selection, but will significantly improve it by amplifying its already expanding genomics platform and including exclusive sexed sorted and low dose sperm technology not available anywhere else in the industry. Sexing Technologies and Fast Genetics are excited about the new relationship and mutual benefits and opportunities that will follow. Sexing Technologies and Fast Genetics look forward to providing even greater value to Fast Genetics’ customers.

More on Fast Genetics

Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Fast Genetics provides highly prolific maternal genetic lines and terminal genetic lines that have unrivaled carcass value, meat quality, and growth characteristics. Fast Genetics supplies the global market with high-health and world-class performing swine breeding stock. To learn more about Fast Genetics visit www.fastgenetics.com

More on Sexing Technologies

Navasota, Texas, based Sexing Technologies is best known for its cutting-edge, proprietary process for commercially separating X-bearing (female) chromosomes from Y-bearing (male) chromosomes in cattle, horse, and deer semen for use in artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, allowing producers the freedom to determine offspring gender. To learn more about Sexing Technologies visit www.sexingtechnologies.com

For More Information Contact:

Grant Wilson
Marketing Manager
Fast Genetics
(306) 667-1427

Claude Vielfaure
Executive Vice President
(204) 424-6001

HyLife™ To Build Feed Mill In Hanover










(HyLife™ delegation meets with Hanover Council Wednesday)

HyLife™ has announced plans to build a new feed mill in the Rural Municipality of Hanover.

A delegation from HyLife™ appeared before Hanover Council Wednesday afternoon. Council quickly approved the feed mill which will go up just north of Highway 52 and approximately two miles east of Highway 59.

“We’ve grown in livestock over the years, there’s been growth,” says Denis Vielfaure of HyLife™. “There’s just not enough milling capacity so we need to reinvest in some feed mill capacity.”

Vielfaure says with the livestock moratorium in the Rural Municipalities of La Broquerie and Hanover, HyLife™ knows exactly where its barns are located. When determining the most central location in relation to their barns, Vielfaure says it is the corner of highways 52 and 59. HyLife™ considers this a central location for farmers and strategic location for incoming grains.

Vielfaure expects to put shovel in the ground May 1st and to be operational by September, 2016. The combined size of the mill and warehouse will be approximately 12,800 square feet. HyLife™ is planning to be operational 24 hours a day, five days per week. They estimate an average of four trucks per hour loading or unloading at the site. The mill is expected to produce 250,000 tonnes of pelleted feed annually, employing 42 people.

When comparing this new mill to what is currently sitting in La Broquerie, Vielfaure says the Hanover mill will be a little more compact but maybe a little higher.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for Hanover,” notes Councillor Pete Hiebert. “It will bring in lots of employees, we’ll have to upgrade some roads, it will be very good for the RM of Hanover.”

Hiebert says being located off Highway 52, it’s an excellent location. However he says Road 23E will have to be upgraded.

According to Hiebert, most of the feedback he’s received towards this project has been positive. He notes concerns towards dust control and road upgrades have been addressed.

The mill is expected to generate $70,000 in annual tax revenue.

Source: Steinbachonline.com
Written by Shannon Dueck

Putting the Fun in Fundraising

March 15, 2015  | steinbachonline.com

La Broquerie was alive with activity this past weekend, from hockey and basketball tournaments, kids crafts, wagon rides and face painting, to a barbecue and social.

It was La Broquerie livestock and pork producer, HyLife’s™ annual two-day community fundraising event, better know as “HyLife™ Family Fun Days”.


Charlene Ramkissoon and mascot HyLife™ Hydee.

HyLife™ Event Chair, Charlene Ramkissoon says their two-day event continues to grow every year, and this year they want to raise at least $100,000. “We are trying to raise money for three significant charities; Cystic Fibrosis Canada, Canadian CMV Foundation and Backstage Teen Drop-In Centre in Steinbach.”

She adds both adults and children have lots of fun, which is great, but it’s all for an important goal. And that is to fundraise for charity.

Ramkissoon says this annual event continues to be a great way to bring the community together for a great cause. “What makes this event so special is that HyLife™ gets the opportunity to further strengthen our partnerships with the community.”

The final total has not yet been announced.

Written by Jackie Harms


Kids enjoy horse-drawn wagon rides during HyLife™ Family Fun Days.








Successful Fun Days Weekend!

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our very own HyLife™ Fun Days Fundraising event this past weekend!
We had beautiful weather, an abundance of great food, a wide array of cultural entertainment, exciting hockey and basketball games and an amazing turnout to all activities including the social!

A big mention of thanks to our Planning Committee, sub committees and all of our volunteers!!! Your efforts are greatly recognized and are truly appreciated!

We are currently reconciling our accounts to determine the total dollars raised. We will be coordinating an official hand off and presentation of the donations to the charities over the next two weeks. A communication will be sent out shortly!

Thanks again!
Charlene Ramkissoon

HyLife™ Supports International Relief

November 4, 2013  | steinbachonline.com

A local Filipino man is volunteering in his home country with the help of his employer here in Canada. HyLife™ is showing support for the Filipino community here in Manitoba but also overseas.

Earlier this month, the Philippines was hit with a deadly and destructive earthquake. Local Filipino organizations and groups have set up bank accounts where people can make donations for disaster relief. Before the quake hit, Edwin Sonsona was already planning a trip back to his home country to visit family. The devastation surrounding the community where he grew up created a new opportunity for him on his trip. Sonsona decided that before he left that he would dedicate part of his holiday to volunteer work in some of the areas that were hit the hardest.

Before he left Sonsona got the news that the company he works for, HyLife™ of La Broquerie would be donating $10,000 to disaster relief in the Philippines. Now Sonsona’s volunteer efforts would also be liaison work for that donation.

HyLife™ President Don Janzen says making a donation of this proportion was an easy decision for the board of directors at HyLife™. He estimates that they employ nearly 800 Filipinos between their two locations of La Broquerie and Neepawa. Janzen says this particular catastrophe was important for them to donate to.

“Of course you want to support all catastrophes like this. Whether the people work for you or not but because so many of them work for us it brings it a little closer to home”.

HyLife™ made the donation to Couples for Christ, which is a Catholic charity that they have worked with in the past. Janzen says he even made a call to their head office in Toronto to make sure that Sonsona will be able to work with their employees overseas in distributing the donation.

Sonsona is proud and excited to be able to represent his new home country of Canada and his employer overseas while he volunteers with Couples for Christ.

Written by Michaela Senkiw

International Relief

Photo submitted by Edwin Sonsona

HyLife™ Named Outstanding Large Business

October 18, 2013  | steinbachonline.com

HyLife™ of La Broquerie has been named Outstanding Large Business of the Year by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce at a ceremony Thursday night in Winnipeg.

“It was surprising and very exciting,” explains Hylife’s™ President Don Janzen. “We’ve been involved in other things like this, but have never received a business award of this nature.”

The Chambers noted HyLife’s™ key to success is its ability to turn challenges into opportunities with a dedicated, determined and innovative management team.

“I think there have been a lot of challenges, but with those challenges come opportunities,” Janzen said about how his team has overcome the ups and downs of the hog market. “I think we have an excellent management team that really sees these opportunities and are highly motivated to get these things done that are sitting in front of us.”

HyLife™ started in September 1995 with headquarters in La Broquerie. It also has operations across southern and western Manitoba and a plant in Neepawa. HyLife™ is a vertically integrated pork production operation that has expanded from commercial production to being fully integrated from farm to fork with 1500 employees.

Chabot Implements of Portage la Prairie, which has an outlet here in Steinbach, received the Long Term Achievement Business Award. Chabot is Manitoba’s oldest family owned and operated Case IH equipment dealer. The Chambers noted its goals of providing excellent customer service and excellent career opportunities.

Chabot Implements was started in 1935 by Charlie Chabot and has grown to four locations in Manitoba namely Portage, Steinbach, Elie and Neepawa. Chabot currently employs 80 people at its four locations.

Written by Daryl Braun/Kevin Geisheimer