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Our commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices.

The HyLife™ Ltd. Environmental Management System

HyLife™ is uncompromising in its approach to environmental protection, as the interests of our ecosystem and the people, plants and animals that it sustains take precedence over all else.  As such, HyLife™ Ltd. is committed to being a responsible steward of the environment, as well as safeguarding the health of our employees and neighbors who live within the communities in which we operate. Our objective is to produce the highest quality agricultural commodity possible while maintaining and improving the environment within and around our facilities.

In keeping with our stewardship responsibilities, our Environmental Management Team is tasked with ensuring that all activities undertaken by HyLife™ are environmentally sound. This includes new farm development, manure storage facility construction and maintenance as well as nutrient planning and application activities.

Site Development

HyLife™ Ltd.’s Environmental Management Team is involved in the development of all new livestock operations from concept to completion. No new operation is approved for development unless the team is completely satisfied that the development is environmentally sustainable and has met and/or surpassed all regulatory requirements.

As part of the development process the Environmental Management Team conducts an in-depth investigation of the overall site suitability for livestock development.  This includes hydro-geologic testing; a thorough review of land availability for nutrient application and complete soil analyzes to confirm the soils suitability for nutrient application. The team also develops solutions for any potential surface water concerns and has direct involvement in site design and construction to ensure that all HyLife™ Ltd. projects are environmentally sustainable